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Shielded Room and Anechoic Chamber Relocations

Customers often require a relocation of their EMC/EMI facility. Panashield has extensive experience in this area. We take down the existing facility and while so doing, make a drawing if we don’t already have one. We match mark all the components so that the structure can be re-erected as it was.

If the relocation is within an existing building, all materials are moved to the new location and re-assembled.

If the relocation is to another site and requires transporting the facility by truck, we will do so. In this case we crate or skid the components, as required, to assure that no damage occurs during the move.

We guarantee that the performance of the room will be as good as or greater than before it was moved. In order to do this, we will test the facility for RF Shielding Integrity before dismantling it and after it has been re-assembled. If the room has anechoic treatment, we can also test before and after for anechoic performance.

See our relocation customer references (PDF).

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