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Shielded Room and
Anechoic Chamber Upgrades

Panashield can take your existing facility and upgrade it.

  • It can be expanded or reduced in size in all dimensions- length, width and height.
  • It can be modified to shield to lower or higher frequencies.
  • If the current space is strictly an RF shielded room, we can treat it with anechoic materials to allow for EMC testing.
  • If your EUT has increased in size and you need a larger door, we can replace the existing door.
  • If you have a ferrite lined chamber and need to test above 1 GHz, we can upgrade the chamber with hybrid absorbers.

A member of our experienced and responsive team is available to begin the application engineering process with you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will efficiently assess your upgrade requirements.

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