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EMC Chambers

An Anechoic Chamber generally consists of an RF shielded room which is either partially or fully lined with RF absorber material. It is used to perform several types of testing and measurements. Panashield chambers are typically constructed from the Panabolt modular shielding system.

EMC anechoic test chambers are used by industry to perform radiated emissions and radiated immunity testing of electrical/electronic equipment to various International specifications such as EN 50147 part 2 / ANSI C63.4 / EN55022 / EN61000-4-3 and various CISPR documents.

Chambers are also designed for EMC testing for testing in accordance with military and avionics specifications such as MIL STD 4612E, DO 160 and DEF STD 59-41.

RF absorber for EMC applications is either a combination of ferrite tile absorbers with a matched hybrid absorber for frequencies above 1 GHz or carbon loaded foam based resistive absorber usually pyramidal or wedge in shape.

Free Space Chambers are designed to provide a ‘free space’ environment for antenna pattern measurements, RCS (radar cross section), flight simulation etc. This type of chamber is fully lined with RF absorber material of varying size as determined by the required quiet zone performance and the measurement frequency range.

Panashield offers a fully range of anechoic chambers, including:

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