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Compact Anechoic Chambers

Panashield Compact Anechoic Chambers are available in various sizes for 3 meter electromagnetic compatibility testing. The range starts with a small chamber for both pre- compliant /pre scan radiated immunity (RI) testing and radiated emissions (RE) testing and sizes increase to larger chambers for full compliant radiated immunity testing and pre compliant radiated emissions testing. The CAC is economical in both cost and the floor space it requires.

The chambers are constructed using the Panabolt modular panel RF shielding system. Absorber lining may be a combination of either pyramidal and ferrite absorber, ferrite absorber only or ferrite and hybrid absorber to extend the frequency range to at least 18 GHz.

Typical models are detailed below but different chamber sizes can be accommodated to suit the client's test object size, available floor area and floor to ceiling height.

One of the largest EMC compact anechoic chambers constructed is pictured above. It has a nominal size of 7.2 m x 4.8 m x 3.6 m and is lined with ferrite panels and the Panashield non-flammable HYB-NF-12 hybrid absorber. It achieved a site attenuation of better than +/- 3.5 dB from 30 MHz to 18 GHz. The receive antenna was limited to a scan height of 2.2 m due to the height of the chamber.

When used for emissions testing, these compact anechoic chambers are designed for testing over a reflective ground plane floor and measurements correlated to an open area test site. Fully anechoic chambers where the floor is also covered with absorber materials are available. For this type of emissions measurement the receive antenna height is fixed and measurements correlate to Free Space. This measurement is referred to as Free Space Transmission Loss (FSTL) or Free Space Normalized Site Attenuation.