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Free Space Test Chambers

Free Space Chambers are fully lined on all surfaces (walls, floor and ceiling) with RF absorber materials to simulate a free space environment. In general the absorber material is pyramidal in shape, but for some chamber designs a wedge material is used in specific areas of the chamber and the pyramidal absorber is rotated at 45° to reduce backscatter.

Free Space Test Chambers

These chambers are typically constructed using the versatile Panabolt modular shielding system.

Free Space chambers are utilised for the following tests/ measurements:

  • Antenna Pattern Measurements (APM)
  • Radar Systems (Guidance, Calibration)
  • Radar Cross Section (RCS)
  • Flight Simulation
  • Target Simulation
  • Satellite Interrogation

Chamber size is dependant on a number of factors such as test distance, path length, quiet zone size and performance. To design these chambers it is necessary to determine the design following parameters:

1.) What is the size of the Quiet Zone / test region?

This is the volume of space within the chamber, which may be defined as a sphere, cylinder or rectangular/square shape where the equipment under test will be positioned and within which specific performance/reflectivity levels are created.

2.) What is the required frequency range and performance/reflectivity attenuation level within the quiet zone volume?

This is usually defined as a measure of the level of attenuation of reflected energy from all directions at a particular point, below the level of direct energy at the same point. (e.g. - 40 dB at 800 MHz, - 45 dB at 10 GHz.)

3.) What is the test or path length?

This is the distance between the antenna and EUT.

4.) What type of antennas will be used?

Different types of antenna produce varying patterns i.e. directional antennas, standard gain horns etc, and this information is necessary to determine the absorber size and configuration of the absorber within the chamber.

Free Space Test Chambers

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