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EMC Hybrid Absorber

High Performance • Fireproof

For Use in RF Anechoic Chambers

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing
  • Free Space Testing
  • Commercial & Military Testing


EMC Hybrid Absorber

HYB-NF is a state of the art, non-flammable, self-extinguishing hybrid absorber manufactured from a fibrous composite material, impedance matched for installation to ferrite absorber tiles. They are designed for use in EMC and MIL Test Chambers. The hybrid/ferrite combination provides absorption properties to allow broadband testing from 26 MHz up to 40 GHz, and can withstand field strengths of greater than 300V/m.


HYB-NF hybrid absorber has a base size of 30 cm wide x 30 cm long and is available in various depths from 30 cm to 152 cm, depending on chamber size and frequency range of operation.


  • High broadband performance
  • Non-Flammable, Self-extinguishing
  • Non-Toxic Smoke Emitting
  • Meets specification JIS A 1322, Incombustibility of Thin Materials for Buildings
  • Meets Class 10,000 Clean Room Specifications
  • Resistant to High Humidity Levels
  • Light Weight (6 to 30 ounces)
  • Bright White Color
  • Easily Removable, attaches to ferrite with Velcro™, tape or contact adhesive

EMC Hybrid Absorber

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