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RF/EMC Performance Testing

Shielded Room RF Testing

Panashield offers a full testing service for RF shielded rooms. Typically this is performed upon completion of a shielded room installation or when a client needs to know the shielding level of an existing shielded facility.

We provide qualified test engineers and all necessary calibrated test equipment. Typically testing is carried out within the 200 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range but this can often be extended down to 10 KHz and up to 10 GHz, 18 GHz or even 40 GHz, if necessary.

EMC Anechoic Chamber Testing

It is often necessary to verify the performance of anechoic chambers used to perform testing to international EMC specifications.  Typically for radiated emissions testing the NSA/NSTL of a chamber is measured from 30 MHz to 1 GHz with options up 10 GHz or 18 GHz.  For radiated immunity/susceptibility testing the field uniformity of a chamber is measured from either 26 MHz or 80 MHz and up to 1 GHz with options up 10 GHz or 18 GHz.

Panashield offers a comprehensive measurement, calibration and certification service for all classes of anechoic chambers.

Free Space Antenna and RCS Chamber Testing

Panashield is also able to provide the necessary test engineers and equipment to measure the Quiet Zone in Chambers designed for Antenna Pattern and RCS measurements.

This testing can start as low as low as 500 MHz and typically up to 10GHz and 18 GHz. Equipment is also available to measure up to 40 GHz or even 100 GHz when required.

RF/EMC Performance Testing

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