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RF Sliding Doors

Unique P3 (Powered-Pinch-Performance)
RF sealing system

Unique P3   (Powered-Pinch-Performance) RF sealing systemThe Panashield P³ Sliding Doors are supplied complete with a door leaf, door frame, electric motor operators, sliding I-beam, steel supporting structure, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic electric control systems, open/close/stop push button station. The plug sliding door also has retractable floor sections, hand rail (where required), retractable hydraulic sealing system and lateral (side movement) electrically operated travelling system. Doors are typically fitted with an optional strobe light and bell, which are activated when the door is operating.

The RF sealing mechanism is attached to the perimeter of the internal face of the door leaf.

The sliding door is available in almost any size starting with an opening size of 0.91 m (w) x 2.1 m (h) for personnel and up to 10 m x 10 m for larger equipment access.

We offer two types of doors for equipment access:

RF Shielded Sliding Equipment Door.

This door is designed for applications where no material or only thin material such as ferrite panels are installed on the inner face of the door leaf.

The sliding door opens and closes electrically by sliding to one side of the opening. When the door is closing and in a position to achieve the RF seal, the door leaf is automatically sealed against the door opening (outer) frame by a series of hydraulic cylinders that pull the door tight up against the frame (pinch). The cylinders are attached to the outer frame, consequently the frame and door when sealed become an assembly that off sets the sealing force, negating the need for heavy structural members to bear these stresses.

The system is fully automatic and is supplied complete with an emergency battery powered back up system. In the case of power failure, the door can be opened by depressing the OPEN push button on the control box outside the chamber and an infrared actuation switch inside the chamber.

As the bottom of the door leaf is below the finished floor level, Panashield normally provides a 200 mm (w) x 254 mm (d) pit in which the door can travel when opening and closing. The length of this pit is typically twice the width of the door opening.

A hinged segmented section of steel plates is provide to bridge the pit in front of the door opening to allow the transport of equipment across the door sill. The hinged sections fall into place when the door is opened and lift up when the door is closed.

RF Shielded Sliding Plug Door

This door is designed for applications where material such as pyramidal or wedge absorbers are installed on the inside face of the door leaf.

The door travels in two planes. Upon opening, the door leaf moves away from the test chamber before sliding horizontally to one side of the door opening. The door travels outward from the chamber the necessary distance to clear the absorber material, which is installed on the inner face of the door leaf.

The door is fully automatic and will complete its full opening and closing cycle by the touch of a button.

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